CIX Gallery

   CD - Roms by CAC - Skopje

  - Icon on Silver, 1995/6

  The second annual exhibition of the SCCA - Skopje, Macedonia, presented the works of 9 Macedonian artists, designed especially for this occasion in the medium of CD-ROM.The exhibition Icon on Silver is conceived to represent a connection of two value concepts united in the CD-ROM medium.The first referring to the communicational features of the 'icon' and the second to the technological basis that modulates and intermediates these features.

Archimediala (group)
Stefan Buzarovski
Iskra Dimitrova
Robert Jankuloski
Denko Matevski
Dubarvko Naumov
Dominik Niceva
Nada Prlja
Miroslav Stojanovic - Suki

- Roots and Rhizomes, 1999

documentation of the educational project "Roots and Rhizomes"

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