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   SEAFair 1998

  Chief Aims of the project SEAFair 98

  • To present the most current international projects in the field of electronic arts.
  • To enable a critical discourse towards the diverse emanations in the electronic arts.
  • To enable a historicism and theoretical platform of different aspects and expressions in the electronic arts.
  • To serve as a bridge and enable a communication between the international and
  • Macedonian artists, curators, and theoreticians in the field of electronic arts.
  • The Center for Computer Arts presented in the framework of Skopje Electronic Arts Fair '98

V.R. - WWW - Net-Linked - CD ROM exhibition
Venue: Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
October 02 - 09, 1998 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

The exhibition Communing addresses the theme of the visions of the artists including the processes of Imagining, Meditation, Dreaming, Reflection and Visualization, during the process of art creation.
The exhibition features the result of the Communing i.e. the digital language of different international artists that express themselves in V.R., the WWW, Net -Linked Installations, and CD-ROM.
The exhibition is conceived as an encounter of artists, technologies and visionaries.
Communing especially focuses on interesting in original innovative projects, using information technology and different multi-media applications, hypertext, VRML.

*Syndicate meeting
October 03-04.1998

More than 30 active members of the Syndicate List from across the European Continent gathered in Skopje to discuss the current issues that the art&media community is facing, the undertaken actions, as well as to investigate the possible developments of the Syndicate. The participants included artists, theorists, art curators, directors of various art institutions, journalists, and media activists.

The themes discussed on Junction:

  • The implementation of the artistic, philosophic, educational, and other aspects of the new and emerging media in various parts of Europe with an emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The promotion of the European East-West exchange of ideas and discuss the techniques that will assisist the communication within the European emerging electronic art&media scene.
  • The finding of practical ways of enabling the access of necessary technology to the artists on the East.
  • The finding of ways and means of improving the study of the emerging arts and new technologies.

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