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   SEAFair 1999

Skopje electronic art fair in 1999

e-FUSION: Virtual Reality - Web 3D Exhibition
Museum of the City of Skopje

1 / Exhibition: e-FUSION: International VR & 3D Web ART
2 / Conference with artists, critics, curators and theoreticians
3 / Workshop: Hands-on VR & VRML
4 / VR Community

1 / October 1 - October 8, 1999 (Exhibition)
2 / October 1 - October 4, 1999 (Conference)
3 / September 23 - September 30, 1999 (Workshop)
4 / October 1 - October 4, 1999 (VR Community)

Kathy Rae Huffman and Melentie Pandilovski

OSI - Macedonia
OSI - New York
Museum of the City of Skopje
Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
Van Gogh Television

Part 1
e- FUSION, an exhibition, will focus on the complexities, achievements and limitations of the electronic arts, with projects that emphasize virtual reality, VRML (virtual reality modeling language), and 3D web technology. e-FUSION deals with the themes of individual identity, culture and technology. e-FUSION will demonstrate the digital language of international artists, who express themselves with dynamic interactive simulations of physical systems. The exhibition is envisioned as a focal point for the meeting of artists, visionaries, and technical experts, all exploring the technologies of communication in dialogue and exchange. Selected projects from the international ART competition for the VRML 99 Conference in Paderborn, Germany, are invited to SEAFair as a resource of international achievement in the area of 3D web technology. New works - texts - or lecture demos by VRML-ART artists will be selected. The e-FUSION exhibition will feature up to 30 new works / installations that utilize VR or VRML-3D Web Technology, and it will be on view from 1.10.1998 - 8.10.1999. The exhibition will feature projects utilizing information technology and different applications of V.R., VRML, and multi-media web based works. All international and regional artists working with these technologies are invited to an open competition. The exhibition FUSION is dedicated to a dialogue between local and international artists, critics and a general audience. It is the continuation of three years of emphasis in the growing field of 3D Web Technology, which has manifested in several independent projects and proposals for this production. The event should urge the creation of new projects in Macedonia and in the Balkans, opening up the creation of installations in virtual reality by local artists. Selection: The Curators are responsible for selection of the projects.

Part 2
e-FUSION: Real/Virtual the environments we choose. A meltdown dialogue exchange and international lecture and presentation series of projects by the selected artists, and invited theoreticians.

Part 3
e-FUSION: Hands-on VR/Web3D Workshop Twenty local and international artists, and interested audiences, will be selected to participate in this development of complex media projects. The workshop has already a 3 years old history and has been initiated in collaboration with VAN GOGH TV. The workshop will serve as a theoretical and practical introduction in the creation of virtual worlds and virtual communities. It will be divided in 2 parts. 1. - Introduction in 3D programs 2. - Practical demonstration and development of concepts for work in VR models (Web3D).

Part 4
e-FUSION: VR Community. During the SEAFair conference, and workshop, an online dialogue will be conducted in various 3D communication spaces. In these areas, selected artists will conduct guided tours and explain the virtual territory.

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