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  SEAFair will in the following three year period demonstrate the new languages of international artists, who express themselves with dynamic interactive simulations of physical systems, in bio-technology, and nano-technology.Being a focal point for the meeting of artists, visionaries, and technical experts, all exploring the technologies of communication in dialogue and exchange, SEAFair will try to contribute to the on-going dialogue of the themes of individual identity, culture and technology.

In the following 3 - year period SEAFair will invite artists and theoreticians dealing with

  • Immersive technologies
  • Bio-technologies
  • Nano-technologiesOn each SEAFair event

CAC - Skopje will ensure to:

1. Feature up to 30 new works /installations on the annual exhibition
2. Organize a Symposium with 15 - 20 noted speakers on the given subject
3. Organize a workshop aimed at practical demonstration of work with new technologies
to about 20 Macedonian and East European artists.

  • SEAFair 2000 will deal with "art and immersive technologies"
  • SEAFair 2001 will deal with "art and bio-technology"
  • SEAFair 2002 will deal with "art and nano-technology"

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